We’re in the building game because it’s fun but also because we want to get paid. Now, the team at Small Builders can’t inject any more fun into your day but these two simple steps on how to write a Progress Claim should help you get paid – on time and for the right amount.

We are serious about helping you get paid because frankly, we are tired of seeing the big guy ripping off the little guy. Did you know the Building and Construction industry makes up over one-fifth of all insolvencies? This maddening statistic is what we are committed to change.

So, let’s help you now by increasing your chances of being paid with these:

Two simple steps to writing a Progress Claim:

Step 1: Have a Contract

Making sure you have a contract might seem obvious, but from my experience as a building and construction lawyer, detail is king, so let’s breakdown what makes up an ideal contract. Here’s what a contract needs to include:

  • Your quote.
  • Your Agreement. The document/agreement you and your client signs.
  • Your instructions. This includes the verbal instructions you receive on site and any relevant email exchanges between you and your client.
  • Your Payment Terms. It is so important to be clear and specific about your basis for payment terms in your contract and in all other communication with your client. If this is something you are not doing, start now. Payment terms are not one of those things you should take lightly. Don’t be the good guy who is paid last or worse, having to deal with dodgy under-payer.

Step 2: Writing Your Progress Claim – Security of Payments

Make sure your Progress Claim complies with the Security of Payment law and is enforceable by:

  • Being crystal clear on the works you have carried out.
  • Being specific about the claimed amount.
  • Detailing the basis for your claim.
  • Providing evidence.