small-builders-4-get-paid-with-security-of-payments-softwareFor any builder or contractor getting paid on time is a common issue. Security of payments software can help builders and contractors get paid on time.

What is not commonly known is that accounting software or using MS Word is simply not enough.

From an industry point of view, the problem with current building or accounting software is that it is not built by people who know how to enforce a progress claim. This all too often results in claims that are not enforceable under the Security of Payments law.

Small Builders software is the only software made specifically for the building and construction industry and built by a specialist building and construction lawyer.

John Dela Cruz is a specialist building and construction lawyer who created Small Builders software with his small business clients in mind, for the sole purpose of getting them paid. With Small Builders security of payment software, every claim made is overseen by an industry lawyer so users can be confident they have a lawyer in their corner ready to enforce their rights.

“Good Security of Payments Software backed by a specialist building and construction lawyer.”

What’s great about Small Builders Security of Payments Software?

  • Time Efficient and Easy to Use The software needs to be simple, quick, and accessible. Payment Claims should take less than 5 minutes to make after your site work through and be able to be done on site by your project manager.
  • It Communicates With Small Builders software every single project document talks to each other. From initial quote to contracts, to progress claims to hand over and all the in between (WHS, Compliance, contract administration, customer and project management etc) Small Builders software lets you manage all the areas of your project with one system. One system that is backed by a building and construction lawyer.
  • It Automates The more you use our software the smarter it gets. Time Sheets, Subcontractor Claims, Expenses and Tax Invoices, Machinery and Rental are all automatically detailed in your payment claim saving you time and money, and ensuring an enforceable claim.
  • It’s Flexible and Feature Rich
    • Progress Claims can be made for Cost Plus contracts with automatically accounting for labour, materials, and equipment.
    • You can make Progress Claims for Lump Sum, Fixed price, and Milestone Contracts.
    • Our Security of Payments software not only gets you paid, it ensures you don’t over pay with easy to use payment schedules.
    • It’s quick and easy to make progress claims with reference date, deposits, and retentions.
    • The ability to make payment schedules needs to be quick and flexible. There may be times where you want an automated system. Other times you may need to make a one-off payment schedule.
    • A fast and efficient system that works for ongoing projects or one-off payment claims needed for those quick jobs.

If you are ready to save time in your business, and get compliant on payment claims and payment schedules, then call John Dela Cruz at Small Builders: 02 8096 8576He backs the payment claims and payment schedules made with Small Builders security of payment software.