Being a good bloke is an important element in building trust with your client but competence, onsite and on paper, is what will bring true assurance.

Here are 5 ways you can build trust with your client.

Open communication is the foundation of any good working relationship. I spend a great deal of my work week checking in with Small Builder clients, making sure everything is going well with our product for their business. This contact not only keeps everyone up to date it helps to assure my clients that they can rely on me and my brand.

Trustworthiness is not a sentiment often aligned with the building and construction industry nor lawyers for that matter. This can make it difficult to build a rapport with a client especially when they are already nervous about making the right investment. That said, if your business is aiming for sustainability, being the person a client can rely on is an invaluable asset.

Here are 5 ways to build trust

     1)  Communicate Often: Answer the phone and check in on your client regularly. It’ll be the relaxed, informal conversations where you’ll build your relationships. Why not try being proactive in updating your client on the achievements and setbacks on their project? An email at the end of the week with a few bullet points is all you need. It also makes for valuable documentation should there be a discrepancy later on.

     2)  Listen Carefully: The better understanding you have of their perspective the better your messages will be understood. Understand your clients’ needs and concerns by listening carefully to what is really going on for them when they are talking to you.

     3)  Always KISS: Nobody understands the needs and barriers of the job better than you. Your wealth of information and industry jargon runs of risk of going over the top of a client’s head if you don’t KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.

     4)  Excellent paperwork: Project and variations usually start with a verbal agreement but must always follow up contractually in writing. Even the smallest change must be documented to ensure everyone is on the same page and understand resulting delays or compliance issues. Staying on top of your admin is not only essential to a successful business, ensuring you stay compliant and are paid, it will instill confidence in your clients. For excellent paperwork use Small Builders Software

     5)  Be honest and respectful: Sounds obvious being straight and respectful but considering you are in an industry that works on word of mouth recommendations, the strength of your integrity, capabilities, track record and professionalism will work for you in generating trust.

Trust is the foundation of long lasting relationships. 

Take time to make it happen and your business will reap the benefits.