What is your greatest career achievement?

“My greatest career achievement before becoming a qualified builder was obtaining my certificate IV in building and construction. Without this I would not be able to engage in the jobs I do today.

Since becoming a qualified builder my greatest achievement would be completing a renovation valued at over 2 million dollars. It was on a now beautiful home in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and sits amongst homes worth tens of millions of dollars. I was very proud of completing the project on time and on budget”.

What is a valuable business lesson you have learned?

“To get everything in writing and have good paperwork. Nothing matters if someone tells you something or you agree to it with a handshake. You need emails, contracts etc. Document everything and keep it on your computer for a long time”.

What about your greatest management challenge?

“Managing two large jobs at one time, whilst also being on the tools. Try to spread yourself evenly so you can give 100% to each of your tasks. If you need a hand get someone in to help. If you are too stretched your jobs will suffer in many ways”.

What is something you’d love your clients to know?

“I am an honest and hard working builder. I treat your projects as if they were my own, that does not just mean the construction, it includes finance.

I will help you save money where you can and crack the whip on any contractors needing it! I pride myself on my ability to form a genuine relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable around me”.

Ryan Ward, Director, Ozzbuild Pty Ltd