Another dodgy builder made headlines last week when ordered to pay $90,475 for fleecing customers.

Appalling conduct, rightly reported.

Where however are the shonky client stories?  The daily stories where a contractor gets ripped off?

The building and construction industry is a high risk, highly regulated industry where large transactions are often managed by time poor, trade educated, people who have little business skills.  This combination is how so many small to medium sized building businesses fail.

Did you know the construction industry makes up over 20% of insolvencies out of all Australian industries? Here’s what a 2015 Senate report on Insolvency in the Australian construction industry cited as the most common causes of insolvency in the NSW construction industry:

  • Insufficient capital together with excessive debt;
  • Poor financial management skills;
  • An inability to manage the scope of projects;
  • Lack of requisite expertise for a particular project;
  • Low margins;
  • Payments withheld or not paid;
  • Fraud; and
  • Poor economic conditions.

Excellent paperwork is the answer to minimising insolvencies  

Keeping timely, excellent paperwork is critical to the success of a construction project, commercial or residential. For a small to medium sized building business however finding the time to keep it all up to date can be difficult. This is where Small Builders can help.

Small Builders is an easy to use home building software that delivers excellent paperwork in minutes that gets you paid and keeps you compliant.

This Australian administration management software is designed with small builders and contractors in mind and backed by a building and construction lawyer to ensure compliance on every project.

Your quote will pre-populate your contract and your contract will pre-populate the rest of the documents you need from: time sheets, expenses and WHS compliance to payment claims, schedules and the professional invoice prepared for the client. Then it remembers all your details for the next quote.

Small Builders will keep ‘the dodgy’ out of your building business with excellent, compliant paperwork.