Networking is a powerful tool that every tradie should take advantage of.

My MBA Division meeting last night was a perfect example of the opportunities networking can provide with everyone walking away with at least one thing that will improve their business.

The Opportunity of Networking

Networking is a great for increasing industry knowledge, keeping your name top of mind and getting more referrals, and expanding your base of trade professionals you can work with.

Networking is also excellent for camaraderie. An effective network will encourage support, trust and endorsement. Members of a supportive network can act just like a group of good friends who will gladly offer expert advice to a fellow member.

This camaraderie is something the Cronulla division is focusing on along with ways to promote sustainable business. Being great on the tools, keeping excellent paperwork, and being good with relationships is something we at Small Builders believe is the best way to run a small construction business. It’s a methodology we aim to incorporate in my MBA divisional meetings.

Great on the tools + Excellent paperwork + Good relationships
For this last MBA meet we introduced a man who is great on the tools, Luke Payne from Abroenet building services. He spoke about his business and how coming to and networking at events like this is more than meeting people who can do something for you. It’s connecting with like minded guys who understand your everyday business woes and achievements.

Barrister, Stephan Ipp talked about the current Security of Payments legislation plus the importance of timely communication and keeping up with paperwork in order to get paid.

Joel Beater from MBA Insurance also talked briefly on the home building compensation fund.

Then Gabriella Horak from Better Off With Learning donned her builder hat to deliver hard facts on how understanding and having a genuine interest in your client will help manage expectations and lead to more referrals.

All this great information was finally wrapped up with nibbles and chats with NRL stars and really great guys, Eric Grothe Junior and Wade Graham.

It only takes one piece of good advice or one new industry friend for your business to feel the positive effects of networking. So get out of your comfort zone. Don’t leave networking to the suits.

Extend yourself and your business and join an industry group like the Master Builders Association today.