“Take a cup of concrete and harden up” has been a popular tradie response to a recent national heat study which is calling for laws to make all outdoor workers down tools once the temperature hits 37°C

We all have opinions about how a site should be run but WHS laws are there to protect and personal care on site, like being sun smart, is a serious issue, so here’s 7 ways to help you chill on the worksite.

Despite being autumn temperatures are soaring around the country. Here’s 7 steps to help ensure you and others are working safe in hot conditions:

  • Drink! It’s no secret drinking water is the most effective way to stay hydrated. So take a cup (at least 200ml) of the plain tap variety or bottled every 15-20 minutes.
  • Forget about energy or caffeinated (coffee/cola) drinks. They have a diuretic effect meaning they cause a person to lose water – not what you are hoping to achieve on a hot day.
  • Be a shady employer. If you are in charge of a site it is your primary duty of care to ensure your workers and others are not exposed to a risk to their health and safety. Make sure your workers have access to a cool, shady place to rest.
  • Slip on a long, loose shirt with a UPF 50+ rating. Flip the collar up to protect even further, and fashion match with long pants.
  • If you can, coordinate the outdoor work for earlier in the day to avoid exposure to the sun in the middle where heat and UV rates the highest. If this is not possible ensure regular breaks are taken to avoid heat stoke as well as mental and physical fatigue.

And now for our last and favourite heat beating tip:

Keep an esky full of ice, drinks, spray bottles and face washers.

  • Ice to keep it all cold
  • Spray bottles for a quick spray on back of your neck, knees and wrists
  • Face washers for the same areas
  • Drinks for during the day …and Friday afternoon smoko.

It’s not weak to be sun smart. 

Working in intense heat, whether indoors or outdoors, can raise normal body temperature and in a worst-case scenario lead to heat stroke and possible death.

Take these hot tips on, chill out, and have a great weekend.