Changing the way we do things in business can be confronting.

For a busy builder or contractor, the “aint broke, don’t fix it” line is an easy excuse to lean on.

The problem is the building and construction industry is broken for small to medium sized businesses but a small change can fix it.

Here’s how to get your building business compliant, organised and winning.

The statistics are shocking. One fifth of all insolvencies in Australia come from the building and construction industry – mostly small guys who run out of time and money to back themselves when involved in disputes. Disputes which could be largely avoided had the builder/contractor invested a little time in excellent paperwork for their business well before starting a project.

Here’s how builders increase profits while eliminating time, compliance and cash flow issues using construction ready Small Builders software:

Excellent Contracts

So many small builders are still using paper contracts. The problem with  paper contracts is they won’t  tell you when you have made a mistake – until it’s too late. With Small Builders Construction software contracts are generated using an integrated system that speaks with all the other project documents to ensure the project runs efficiently and compliantly. And it is all backed by a building and construction lawyer.

Win Contracts and Get Paid

You need to keep quoting if you want to keep winning work and when you are winning you want to get paid. Small Builders automated software keeps builders winning with quick quoting using seamless auto calculations on timesheets, expenses, costs that are presented in professional customised documents – because first impressions count right?

Even better quotes/estimates/invoices, and anything else you need, can be generated immediately, anywhere on any device, ready to show or email a client.

Staying Compliant

Work Health and Safety laws are getting more stringent. It is impossible for a whole team to keep up all the compliance obligations. For Small Builders clients, compliance is not an issue with SWMS systems in place to guide a builder through a project and ensure compliance.

Construction might be a ‘hands on’ industry but the greatest tool a builder can use is the construction software they use to run their business.  Small Builders is the only software that offers complete and compliant administration across the life cycle of a project. And the only industry software backed by building and construction lawyer.

To show you just how easy Small Builders can make your professional life.