Tendering Expert, Chris Dennis of Win Win Tendering

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Except from Tendering for Tradies – Win Win Tendering Strategies

Making Sure it is Nailed

Going that extra mile can set your company above the rest. Have you ever gone to buy something where you and the salesperson really hit it off? You really got each other? When that happens, you are more likely to buy from that salesperson, as people prefer to buy from people they like. They buy because of the relationship and that is how sales are made.

The benefits of making sure it is nailed are to make it easier for your prospects to say yes, they want to work with you. It makes it easier for the reviewer to read and to be engaged in what you are talking about, as when they are engaged, they are more likely to give you that big tick ‘yes’ as you have answered the question really well.

Then, they are more likely to put your response on the ‘yes’ pile.

It also shows that as a company or as a person, you are exceeding their expectations. We all like it when someone goes above and beyond what is expected of them. It makes you feel good about the relationship, how you will be working together, and it also shows that your company is professional. There is nothing worse than receiving an unprofessional document. I look at it and think about kids in school, where they have handed in homework and it has Vegemite all over the paper, it is crumpled and hard to read. You want your tender responses to look crisp and clean so that the viewer is happy to look at it.

It also means that you are more likely to reach the negotiation table.

There is a really shocking truth in tenders. Most losing tenders are lost because they have not complied with what the company wants to see in the tender response at the first pass. Can you imagine spending all that time, and in some cases nights and weekends, only to have your response put on the ‘no’ pile just because it did not look good?

When a company receives all the tender responses, they will look for some key things – maybe compliance, maybe the price. If you are in the ballpark, they may look at some of the mandatory requirements, a design or two, or certain key elements depending on what their objectives are. If they are looking at that first pass and you have not nailed it on the head in the first place, whereas every other company has, then they are more likely to put you in the ‘no’ pile.

If you have nailed it, then you are more likely to be put in the ‘yes’ or ‘I will keep reading’ pile. Being somewhere in between, a little average in your tender response, then you might be put in the ‘maybe’ pile. If there are more ‘yeses’ than ‘nos’ and ‘maybes’ then the tender in the ‘maybe’ pile would turn into a ‘no’ very quickly, so you do not want to be in that pile either.

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