We love discovering and sharing about smart ways to create excellent paperwork. Especially if it saves time on the job.

Small Builders has been using Google Business Apps for a while and we’re about to tell you why it is our hot tip for saving time in your building and construction business.

Smart ways to create excellent paperwork in a fraction of the usual time is totally our thing. So when we discovered the Voice to Type feature in Google Docx we were excited. We could immediately see how a builder/contractor could get value out of it.

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps for Work is a collection of cloud-based products that allow teams to work together online in a variety of ways from email and chat to video, real-time document collaborations and much more. It’s an affordable, professional way to get the job done – just like Small Builders software (no wonder we love it so much).

The Voice to Type feature is part of Google Docx which allows you to create documents like Microsoft Office, WORD, Excel and PowerPoint, but with way more more bells and whistles.

Imagine just talking and everything you say is typed up. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you talk, everything you say is documented. The first draft of this article was created using this feature.
For those of you who don’t type but have to spend a great deal of time on administration (yes builders and contractors we are talking about you) a feature like this will be incredible. I spend 99% of my time in front of a computer and I think it’s amazing.

Let’s take this feature a little closer to a typical project scenario: You meet with a client about a variation request. Because all verbal agreement must always follow up contractually in writing, you go back to your laptop on site and talk that discussion straight into Google Docx, using the typed information for your follow up email.

Also, as Google Docx is cloud based, if you want to write up that variation with your client live while you’re at home and they’re at theirs, you can – that’s the  real-time document collaboration I was talking about earlier.

My most favourite feature of Google Business Apps however is Google Drive. This feature alone was enough for me to make Small Builders software plug into Google products

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a secure and efficient storage facility. Think of all the documents you current hold on your laptop or computer. All that important information that at this point in time can only be accessed with that laptop or computer.  With Google Drive, you’re able to access all that information on any computer, because it is stored on the cloud. It doesn’t matter if your laptop breaks. It doesn’t matter if you’re in India.  If you can get access to the internet, you will have access to your files. What’s more, you have the ability to live share all your information. You could be adjusting a project document in the office with the project manager who is on site at real time.

Google Calendar is another feature we use every day.  It’s a great meeting and time-management that’s removed the middle man feature of Microsoft Outlook. Google Calendar also allows you to create collaborative calendars.

Bottom Line

Give up the feeling of not having enough time to learn something new. More often than not new technology is created to help and save you time. Like Small Builders Construction Software which you can try for free today: