builders_buy_coffeeIt’s no secret that word of mouth recommendations is a small builder’s best salesman. Getting recommended however isn’t only based on the quality of your last job.

There are textbook relationship marketing strategies to think of and Small Builders not so traditional strategy: Being a Coffee King.

Here’s how good coffee can make great sales.

Making sales in any service business heavily relies on relationships based on trust and credibility. It’s relationship marketing 101.

Those in building and construction however need to think outside the typical marketing toolbox because the decision to engage a builder is often influenced by a number of people who are not necessarily connected with each other.

Build trust with clients using Small BuildersWe believe builders need to be three things to be successful.

Good on the tools, Great with relationships, Excellent with paperwork.

Together these elements will create trust and credibility and will work particularly well for getting that recommendation from a client to a friend.

But building prospects come from across the industry from a chippy you employ to an architect or the guy you met at a trade show or MBA meeting. This requires longer and continued investment in relationships.  That means keeping in contact with people regardless of the last time you worked with them. So be a coffee king. Buy coffee for your clients, your contractors, your subbies, and your industry connections.

Keeping regular connections is how you will find out what’s happening on site, in people’s lives, what their plans are, what happened on their last project. It allows you to ask the right questions and be able to get the right answers without having to be salesy. It also keeps you top of mind for the next word of mouth recommendation.

smart builders buy coffee and build client relationshipsThree great coffee king takeaways

  1. Don’t pitch over coffee
  2. They listen and ask the right questions
  3. They understand that future prospects can come from any number of people within the industry so if you’re visiting a site ring ahead and buy the team a coffee.

Building good relationships is so important for generating word of mouth recommendations because we people are emotional beings. If I feel positively emotionally connected to you I will recommend you or use your services.

What is also important to remember however is that these decisions are rationalised with logic. That’s where the good on the tools and excellent paperwork come in to solidify the deal, differentiating you from your competitors.

 Want to build trust, stay organised, and make better sales? 

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