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Small Builders Software is construction software for the Australian building and construction industry. Learn everything about construction software, tips to run a more productive and profitable business, and all things construction compliance.

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Residential Builders, Commercial Contractors, and all their trades can benefit from construction software.

The editor of the Building and Construction Software Blog is John Dela Cruz. John is a Sydney based building and construction lawyer who has a passion for helping small and medium size businesses succeed. He is the founder of Small Builders Software which he developed over many years through his building and construction law firm. During the global financial crisis John’s law firm clients experienced an increase in legal disputes. At this time he realised that there were no systems for his clients that could help them run a successful business. He developed Small Builders to not only be a productivity tool, but also help his clients stay on top of their financial goals and stay compliant.

If you are an expert in your field, please reach out to Small Builders with your proposed blog or research article. We would love to spread the word. Our particular emphasis is on construction software and systems that help small and medium size businesses in the Australian building and construction industry. Some experts could be award winning builders, specialist tradesmen, building experts, building and construction lawyers, building consultants, private certifiers, architects, safety experts, book keepers and accountants, project managers, superintendents, and any other building industry stakeholder.

Small Builders Building Software is based at the Master Builders Association of New South Wales building at 52 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge NSW 2037. Events, seminars, and meetings are regularly held at this venue for construction industry stakeholders.