To mark the importance of safety and health in the workplace on World Day for Safety and Health at Work Day, we arranged, for our MBA division, a powerful line up of speakers to share real stories about the impact of when an accident occurs on site.

You could have heard a pin drop when Alan Newey of C&B Safe Safety Speakers fronted the room to share about the day his arm was ripped off by a conveyor belt. 

Thanks again Alan, and to C&B Founder, James Wood for his important message today on WHS awareness.

Don’t whinge, say something

Ever come home from work and had a whinge about something you’re not quite comfortable with or thought could be done better?

When it comes to safety, why is it we are choosy who we communicate with? Why are we happy to tell our partners or whinge to our workmates when we think is wrong in the workplace?

In many cases where someone gets injured at work, managers are not even aware of the thing that’s caused the injury. That is why “Say Something” is something our Safety Speakers place emphasis on when presenting.

Start speaking up. If you see or know of something you are not comfortable with or believe is dangerous, let someone know about it.

Preventative measures is how to stop people from getting hurt  …like me.

James Wood, Founder of C&B Safe

“Have you ever taken a moment to think about how things would change for you if you were hurt while doing your job? I hadn’t until one day I went to work and got thrown from a truck and broke my back! As a result, I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life in a wheelchair.

About 15 years ago, I was asked to share my story with a workplace that was having a Safety Day. I’ve been sharing my story ever since. Why? because I believe if I had seen the real results of someone who had been seriously injured it would have given me a reason to stay safe.

In 2002, I established C & B Safe.  We are a team of speakers providing  important safety information from the mouths of people who have been involved in a workplace incident.

We share our stories in the hope that we can prevent what happened to us from happening to others”.

If you think a Safety Speaker would help with your workplace safety goals please call contact us: or call on 03 5965 2000.

If you’re in charge of a site it’s your legal responsibility to take care of those around you.

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